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Checkout our new AMC service model for motorcycle service

Service AMC


The charges are INR 4,800.00 per year. Applicable to Royal Enfield and KTMs only for now.

It offers 4 services a year, and the AMC covers the labour cost for all the 4 services.

Why should you consider it?
For 400 rupees,

  • You get about 7 liters of fuel,
  • You get an air filter,
  • You get a set of brake pads,
  • Now for 400 a month, you can make sure your beloved is up and running always.
Sign up for the Indimotard’s Greasehouse Annual Maintenace Contract now!

Price savings: 30% overall savings on labour costs.

Track AMC

Motorcycles Below 500cc: INR 52,999.00 Motorcycles Above 500cc: INR 58,999.00

What’s Included:
1. Fixed slots for track days
2. Service and Maintenance of the motorcycle
3. Parking at the Greasehouse throughout the year
4. Transport to and from the track.
Note: The AMC includes, 3 Open Session Track days at Kari Motor Speedway only.  
Savings: 18% overall savings. First preference for track days.
Terms & Conditions
  • This AMC only includes 4 General Services including only the features of the service as listed above
  • The 4 general services can be availed at any interval within the year of AMC validity
  • This AMC is valid one year from the purchase of AMC and payment date
  • This AMC cannot be carried forward to the following year
  • This AMC does not include any consumables and parts (additional charges applicable)
  • This AMC cannot be transferred to anyone else
  • This AMC cannot be transferred to any other motorcycle.
  • indiMotard and its subsidiaries are not liable for missing any of the AMC services