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Snippets from the Indimotard Life…

Just another reading ground

Above the clouds, rays of the sun break thought the cracks in the ridges in the Kinnaur Kailash, rarefied air filling your lungs. Great place to get a new perspective on that book.

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Traveling Must Have….

It's one of those things that can get stacked away in the saddlebag or tankbag till you've got to go. Must for any motorcyclist on tour... Actually must for almost anyone in India. No more lining the railway tracks. Just get yer own (shit)boxvia: 747

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Wrung What You Brung!

We're off to the track right now, 45 track junkies on their way. And each one of them will have wrung that throttle wide open by the end of the weekend.

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Thousand Click Commute

 Remember Idgundi, remember a right turn there that it's saves you 30clicks on a 600 km commute. Remember that it's one of the best dual sport trails this side of the Himalayas. This 100km has got twisties, and some awesome fire trails, with breathtaking...

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Philosophy and Tea Podi

I couldnt help but think that this applies to anyone..but most of all to the "auto-bots" at RE who make a commercial poduct that really represents the state of apathy to customer satisfaction, quality and service. This also applies to those who cannot bend their mind...

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RestoMod  [ˈrɛstəʊ mod]: Verb: to restore a vintage automobile to a condition as it was sold using modern replacements for parts that are prone to excessive wear or breakdown (either due to poor quality of manufacture, deterioration with time or just...

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Get a Motorcycle…Get…

Get yourself one today... Or come and get one of ours... Motorcycles that is.indiMotard can set you up on the weekend or any other day with a motorcycle and a map, and instantly up your irresistibility quotient

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Motorcycle Tour in Cambodia, 2012.

Tomb Rider 2012Ride with us and explore Cambodia! We ride Honda XR250's through dusty trails down to the coast of Cambodia, while the mighty Angkor Wat waits to be held in awe. Landmines, lake beds, fried spiders are all part of the luxury!!Team indiMotard.We take you...

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Another day, another ride…

Life, it's ever so strangeIt's so full of changeThink that you've worked it outThen BANGRight out of the blueSomething happens to youTo throw you off courseIt'll take you round and roundSometimes you're upSometimes you're downIt's just a ride, it's just a rideNo need...

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Himalayas 2011, Motorcycles and more

Two Exotic Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas for 2011Twister PassThe mighty Himalayan range begins all the way from Kinnaur in Himachal when you descend into the Spiti valley, a barren desert land with some of the oldest monasteries know to civilization adding colour...

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As you all know our TWO TRACK School dates and our tours are on hold at this point in time. We do know that all of you must be missing your first love of riding motorcycles. For those of you who are interested please do fill up this form below so that we can keep you updated as soon as things open up and we announce our next track dates and tour dates.

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