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Duke 70 Upgrades, Scalple to Super Scalpel

# Andreani cartridge
The complete cartridge with hydraulic adjustment and spring preload for original fork (OEM), by the Andreani Group, the Misano cartridge is equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that ensures the adjustment in compression, extension and preload of the spring. Andreani offers the possibility to choose the springs for the Misano cartridge according to the rider’s weight and according to the use or the Riding style, to have maximum personalization.
1.20mm diameter pistons with increased oil passages
2.Adjustable in compression, extension and spring preload
3.Improves stability, control and driving precision
Possibility to choose the calibration of the springs based on the weight and style of the rider
4.Settings and adjustments positioned on the upper cap of the cartridge

# Nitron NTR R1
The NTR R1 shock has one damping adjustment. The adjustor knob affects both compression and rebound simultaneously for simple setup and making it a more road-biased shock. The shock features spring preload as well as shock length adjustment.
All Nitron shocks are hand made to and order to each individual customer’s requirements and weight.
Hydraulic Preload Adjuster
This shock is available fitted with the unique Hydraulic Preload Adjuster for simple, immediate and accurate adjustments without the need for any tools. Recommended for intermittent pillion use.

# Brembo
Brembo 19RCS Brake Master Cylinder
The Brembo 19RCS Master Cylinder is optimized for dual-caliper, four-piston braking systems. It utilizes a massive 19mm piston that provides the maximum amount of stopping power possible.
The unique design of the RCS system offers the flexibility to change the brake lever ratio at the turn of a screw. The 20mm setting provides a more reactive braking response and the 18mm setting allows for better feel and modulation
All of its components, including the piston, seals and pushrod, are the same as those used in MotoGP and WSBK.
Forged aluminium body
Hard anodized finish
Adjustable and folding aluminium lever
Large 19mm piston
Lever ratio of 18mm and 20mm
Mounts to most 22mm (⅞) diameter handlebar.