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Greasehouse GROWLER Performance Exhausts for Royal Enfield 650 Twins


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Slip-on exhaust end cans - Dyno tested with huge improvement of both torque and power( over 8 BHP).

Very pleasant on your ears even at over 100 kmph. With the full DB killer on it still sounds sweet without really attracting the attention of people looking for you within city limits !!

Comes with a combination of attachments which are DB killers and change the acoustics to enable you to choose the tone in minutes without having to get the exhaust out right from the loud hooligan mode to the entirely silent or anything in between.

Robust stainless steel body in brushed finish with aluminum ends.

Stainless steel mesh and baffles inside with high density ceramic wool insulation.

CNC machined aluminium end pieces with 4 levels of decibel options

Comes with all mounting hardware. Reduces weight considerably

*please note that there will be slight power variation based on the kind of attachments used, but in all modes is higher than stock

Designed and Manufactured by indiMotard's Greasehouse



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