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2010 indiMotard Newsletter

January 2010 / issue #500cc-1

Burnt Gas news

We @ indiMotard (nomad, dharma and jc.motophoto) firstly would like to thank all for you for your support, good will, karma and your wishes to get us off the grids in 2009. We started indiMotard after years of saddle time, lots of passion, broken throttle cables, our share of spills and thrills, lots of PUNCHURES (as they are fondly called in India), we started indiMotard to drive our passion for the ultimate smell of burnt gas and our addiction to wanderlust. This continues unabated!This continues unabated!

A fantastic but humble beginning to our passion for two wheels and travels took us to the Mighty Himalayas in August 2009 for a breathtaking(sic) motorcycle tour that covered over 1700kms. As if immersesing ourselves in the beautiful landscape wasn’t enough we were constantly gasping for more as we rode through 10 of the worlds highest passes (upto 18380feet)

2009 also took us to the race track with indiMotard successfullly conducting India’s first motorcyle track school – T.W.O

(Throttle Wide Open)in collaboration with Overdrive. A first of it’s kind here, the school proved to be a huge success with a run what you brung format.
2009 came to a close as our big fleet of brand new Classic 500’s, Lean Burn 500’s, Yamaha WR450, Husqavarna TE510 retreating into our garage in preparation for 2010 touring season.
As we turn the corner into 2010 we continue to look to you to burn some rubber as we saddle up on adventures “unseen” India and Beyond.

2010 indiMotard Motorcycle Tours

“Tomb Rider” – Cambodia, April 2010
“MotoWild” – Western Ghats, June 2010
“Skyline BouLehvard” – July 2010
Leh/Ladhak, Ride the worlds highest passes and a chance to kiss the Skyline of the world.
“Ride the Altitude” – August 2010

Based out of Leh/Ladhak this tour includes a road trip to the highest motorable road @ 18380ft, the deserts of Nubra Valley, a camp out at Pangong-Tso Lake and much more
“Return to Sender” – Leh/Ladhak, August 2010.
A ride for trackers. Starting from Leh through the mighty Tanglang-la, the endless “more plains”, Baralach-La pass, treachorous Sarchu pass and quaint Manali for starters!
“Land of Gods” – Uttaranchal, Aug 2010
“Road Island” – SriLanka, Nov 2010
“Coast to Coast” -South India all along the coast, Dec 2010
View some of our action from 2009

Latest indiMotard “Fuel to Burn”
Our 2010 agenda is two fold. The first is to continue to provide unique experiences on a motorcycle as we take you through unchartered India and then cross borders into exotic lands.
The second to “go fast” with T.W.O!
We’ve left no stone unturned with our plans for 2010 with recce rides to Cambodia & SriLanka to ensure that you have a safe and fun ride. The Himalayas are where we have a second home! The South is where we ride the weekends and the Track has been a source of learning how to go fast, faster!

So grab your gear and hop on to the bandwagon to explore India and beyond on motorcycle tours that are unique, adventurous, exciting and safe.

Grab your leathers, gloves, boots and join us Track Side as we bring the magic of road racing to anyone who is willing to learn

Special Offers
15% off on 2 or more combination Leh/Ladhak motorcycle tours.
Signup for our “Ride the Altitude” and “Return to Sender” tours and get a 15% discount on the total price.

Boomerang Weekenders
Pick a weekend, grab a group of your friends, college buddies or just some petrol heads like yourself and an email to us [email protected] will get your engines started.

We provide the motorcycles, work out the route, arrange the logistics of stay and backup support for you to enjoy a stress free motorcycle weekend ride.

T.W.O-Throttle Wide Open Motorcycle Track & Riding School
indiMotard successfully kick started India’s first motorcycle track and riding school. T.W.O (Throttle Wide Open) at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. This included Classroom Theory, Instructor Lead sessions with loads of track time for everyone! Check out more pics!
Next Track School Dates : March 27th/28th 2010
Signup at

“in the noose”
indiMotard throttled its way into print media in India.
BS Motoring-Oct 2010
Mans World -Oct 2010

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